About The Generations Fund

The Generations Fund is a Federation CJA initiative, aimed at preserving and strengthening Jewish identity in Montreal, primarily among our youth. This initiative is a long-term investment to ensure that our children have every possible opportunity to benefit from excellent Jewish educational and engagement opportunities, and to enjoy the deepened sense of Jewish identity.

The premise behind the Generations Fund is that a strong Jewish identity is the key to ensuring an active and vibrant Jewish community in Montreal for generations to come. This endowment fund ensures that financial resources continue to be available for the bold and innovative programming necessary in Jewish day school education, camping, Israel experiences, Jewish learning, and outreach and engagement opportunities.


Since the launch of the Generations Fund in 2012, we have raised over $80 million to support ongoing and new initiatives that inspire and strengthen Jewish life in Montreal, as well as ensure qualitative excellence in every facet of Jewish engagement. 

Jewish Day School

  • The CAPS Program has issued over 2,500 CAPS grants to date.
  • Over 430 of these children are also receiving an additional $1,800 incentive grant as they enter either Kindergarten or Secondary 1.
  • The Generations Fund has provided support to 7 Jewish day schools, impacting close to 3,300 students.

Summer Camp

  • Through incentive and access grants, close to 2,600 campers have enjoyed a Jewish summer camp experience since 2009.
  • Over 80% of these grant recipients have returned to camp for subsequent years.
  • Over 470 campers have also received a CAMPS Access Grant for middle income families. 
  • Close to 200 first time campers have benefited from the One Happy Camper grant.
  • Over 2,100 campers have benefited from the One Happy Camper grant.

PJ Library

  • To date over 5,400 children have received monthly mailings of Jewish content books, inspiring parents to engage in Jewish conversations and Jewish learning from a young age.
  • This year alone an additional 500 children were added to the PJ Library program. This includes children from diverse backgrounds, countries of origin and levels of affiliation.