Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies as a "first-time camper"? 

We define a first-time camper as a child who has not attended Jewish overnight camp for 12 or more consecutive days. 

Is there a program for returning campers (kids that have already been to Jewish overnight camp for 12 or more consecutive days)? 
Returning campers, including past One Happy Camper grant recipients, may be eligible for our CAMPS Access Grants.

What’s the difference between the CAMPS Access Grant and the One Happy Camper first-time camper incentive grant? 
The CAMPS Access Grants is an income-based program offering eligible families a more affordable multi-year Jewish summer experience, available for up to 4 years (per child). The One Happy Camper is a non-income based program that is intended to encourage families to choose Jewish overnight camp for their first-time camper. 

Is my first-time camper eligible for both the CAMPS Access Grant and the One Happy Camper first-time camper incentive grant?  


First-time campers are ONLY eligible for One Happy Camper the first year and then they may apply for a CAMPS Access Grant for the following 3 years if they meet the income criteria (for up to a maximum of 4 years combined). Campers who never applied for One Happy Camper and are no longer first time campers could apply for the CAMP Access Grants for a maximum of 4 years.

Can more than one child per family apply for a One Happy Camper Grant and/or CAMPS Access Grant? 


My child is already registered for camp this summer, am I eligible for these programs?

Children already enrolled in a participating Jewish summer camp that meet the eligibility criteria may apply for the One Happy Camper Grant or the CAMPS Access Grant before the deadline (if funding remains available for that summer).

Will my child’s camp experience be any different because they received an One Happy Camper Grant or a CAMPS Access Grant?  
No! Your child will have the same incredible experience as every other camper.

Are there important deadlines to keep in mind?  

Yes. The CAMPS Access Grants Eligibility Calculator is accepting applications for summer 2024, and must be submitted before the deadline of August 1st 2024 (or while funding remains available).


Registration for One Happy Camper first-time camper incentive grant opens in Fall 2023, and remains open until August 1st 2024 (or while funding remains available).

*Please note funding for both programs is limited, and grants are allotted on a first come, first served basis.


All your questions are answered here.


Who is eligible for the CAMPS Access Grants? 
You can learn more about the application criteria here.

How is income eligibility determined?  
Income eligibility is based on your annual household gross income— as indicated on your Revenu Québec or Canada Notice of Assessment— with consideration to the number of dependent children. Credits are given for those who have children currently attending Jewish day school. 

Why are credits given for those who have children attending a Jewish day school?  
We know that providing your children with formal Jewish educational experiences can be expensive. As a result, when determining your eligibility, the number of dependent children who are currently enrolled in a Jewish day school is taken into account.

Regarding the Jewish day school credit, what happens if I have multiple children attending different Jewish day schools with different tuition costs? 
The tuition cost deduction is determined per child, per school.

I’m divorced and/or my partner and I file our tax returns separately. What do I do? 
If only one parent bears responsibility for your camper, then only that parent/guardian’s information should be included. However, if both parents/guardians share responsibility, then both households should be combined when completing the eligibility survey and when submitting proof for confirmation.

Will my information be kept confidential?  
Your information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party or organization. Any financial or personal information provided to the CAMPS Access Grant will only be used to determine Fund eligibility and will not be shared with any entity, including Federation CJA, for any purpose, although data will be accumulated on a no-names basis for the entire program. Children’s names and Grant will be shared only with the camp’s administrator in order to ensure program integrity.

I am excited that the CAMPS Access Grants will help make camp more affordable for first-time and returning campers this summer, but what about future summers?
The Generations Fund and participating camps are committed to making sure that every child who wants to return to camp can. At this time, campers whose families meet the income criteria can receive the CAMPS Access Grants for up to 4 years (3 years if your camper received a One Happy Camper Grant in the past).  

If my child is receiving a CAMPS Access Grant this year, am I guaranteed a grant for subsequent summers?
If your child was accepted to the CAMPS Access Grants program for summer 2024, and your gross household income and number of children attending a qualifying Jewish overnight camp have not changed, you will be guaranteed a CAMPS Access Grant— after filling out the Eligibility Calculator and Application Form and submitting the required documentation (grant available up to a maximum 4 years).

Note: The program is subject to change

Will I be asked to submit proof of income?  
Once your application is approved, you will be asked to upload a copy of both parents’ most recent Notice of Assessment through our secured website to verify your income.  Please note that acceptance into the CAMPS Access Grants program is dependent upon receipt of a copy of your filed Revenu Québec Notice of Assessment.

The Eligibility Calculator says that I am eligible. What do I need to do now?
If the Eligibility Calculator says you may be eligible for the CAMPS Access Grant, you will need to create an account and a profile before you can submit an application (If you have applied to the Tuition CAPS program, you may use the same account to apply for a CAMPS Access Grant). All applicants, new and returning, must complete the application form in order to be deemed eligible. Your application will then be assessed according to your verified income, as stated on your most recent Revenu Québec Notice of Assessment, enrollment in a participating camp and number of children enrolled in qualifying Jewish day schools.

The calculator says I am not eligible – what does it mean and what is the recourse?
The Eligibility Calculator will inform you that you are not eligible for the CAMPS Access Grant if your gross household income does not fall within the program’s criteria. If you are not deemed eligible, there may be other financial assistance available to you. We encourage you to speak with a financial assistance representative at any of the camps you are considering. 

How will I know if my family has been selected for a CAMPS Access Grant?
Once your application is submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirming your preliminary CAMPS Access Grant for the summer 2024. You will be notified by e-mail to submit your most recent Revenu Québec Notice of Assessment. Upon confirmation of your income and enrolment in one of our participating camps, your CAMPS Access Grant will be confirmed with the camp where your child is enrolled.

What if I don’t submit my Revenu Québec Notice of Assessment by the requested date?
You will not be eligible. Your family’s eligibility to the program is dependent on the verification of the Revenu Québec Notices of Assessment for both parents.  

Can I benefit from other financial assistance from my camp session in addition to the CAMPS Access Grant?
No. Parents may choose between the CAMPS Access Grant and other financial aid. For more information on financial assistance at particular camps, please visit individual camp websites, found on the Participating Camp page.  

Is my grant taxable?
It is our understanding that the grant is not a taxable benefit. However all users are recommended to obtain independent tax advice.

How do I find out the value of my grant?  
The anonymous Eligibility Calculator will provide an instant preliminary result with the possible value of your grant. If the calculator deems that you may be eligible, you will need to create an account and a profile before you can submit an application (If you have applied to the Tuition CAPS program, you may use the same account to apply for a CAMPS Access Grant). 
After completing the Application Form, you will receive a notification by email indicating the amount of your grant. Final eligibility and the value of your grant will be determined, pending confirmation of your children’s enrollment at a qualifying camp and income on your most recent Revenu Québec Notice of Assessment.

If I enroll my child in a different camp, will I still be eligible to receive the CAMPS Access Grant? 
Yes, provided that you continue to enroll your child in one of the qualifying camps and your household income remains constant.

How will my CAMPS Access Grant be decided?  
Your grant is decided based on a simple calculation of your gross household income, and your child’s tuition fees if they attend a Jewish day school.


Does Generations Fund have any other programs that I could register my child for?  
Yes!  Click here to see a list of our programs.

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Please note that we will not be able to answer eligibility questions relating to a specific case/family. Refer to our section on confidentiality to find out more.