CAMPS Access Grant

The unforgettable experience of Jewish overnight camp is more widely accessible than ever before!

CAMPS Access Grants provide up to $1,000 off summer camp based on household income and session length. This grant is applicable for a period of up to four years for income eligible families.

This program is open to all children registered in qualifying camps who meet the eligibility criteria.

First-time campers are NOT eligible as they can receive the One Happy Camper Grant, but may apply for a CAMPS Access Grant the following three years.

How do I apply for a CAMPS Access Grant?

STEP 1: Consult our anonymous calculator to find out if you qualify.

STEP 2: You will need to create an account and a profile before you can submit an application – the form is easy and brief to fill out, and all your financial information will be kept strictly confidential. Click here to consult our Privacy Policy.
If you have applied to the Tuition CAPS program, you may use the same account to apply for a CAMPS Access Grant.

STEP 3: Log-in to your account and complete a brief and discreet application form for the CAMPS Access Grant (one form per family, even if you have multiple campers). 

STEP 4: Receive a final decision. Please note you may only submit one application per program per account.

STEP 5: Your grant will be confirmed by email after you have submitted verifying income statements and once your child’s registration as a camper has been confirmed with the participating Jewish summer camp of your choice.

CAMPS Access Grants - Application Criteria

If your family meets the income criteria, then you may be eligible to benefit from a CAMPS Access Grant for up to four summers (per child).

  • First-time and returning campers who will be attending a Jewish overnight camp for 12-18 consecutive days could be eligible for a grant up to $750.
  • First-time and returning campers who will be attending a Jewish overnight camp for 19 or more consecutive days could be eligible for a grant up to $1,000.
  • If a child enrolls for 12-18 days with a $750 grant and extends their stay to 19+ days, they will be able to upgrade to $1,000 (if funding remains available for that summer).

This grant will be applicable for a maximum of four years for first-time and returning campers or a maximum of three years if they received a One Happy Camper Grant, as long as the gross household income and number of children attending a qualifying Jewish overnight camp remain the same each year. Fill out the anonymous calculator to find out if you are eligible.

Special considerations:

Please refer to the individual camp websites to see their sessions and registration deadlines.

Applications will be accepted through the summer, on a first-come, first-served basis, but please note that there are limited spaces available.

You will receive your answer by email pending confirmation of your child’s enrollment as a camper at your participating Jewish summer camp.

For any inquiries, please contact [email protected] or 514-734-1663.