Participating Schools

The Montreal area is home to seven non ultra-orthodox elementary Jewish day schools and four Jewish high schools, spanning a full spectrum of Jewish diversity. We invite you to explore what each day school offers to see one is right for you. The Generations Fund CAPS Program is specifically designed to address the needs of the seven specific partner schools that are listed below.

Akiva School

We are a Jewish elementary school committed to each student’s academic success, personal growth and development of Jewish identity. Through a partnership of school and home, Akiva School fosters a nurturing and collaborative learning environment. Our students develop a love for learning and become independent, creative and critical thinkers. For more information visit:

École Maïmonide

Elementary / High School
École Maïmonide offers a pre-school, elementary and high school, inclusive and modern education with a special emphasis on Sephardic Jewish traditions and identity, entirely geared toward excellence. For more information visit:

Hebrew Academy

Elementary / High School
Hebrew Academy provides children of Torah-observant families with a rigorous and sophisticated dual curriculum of Judaic and General Studies. For five decades Hebrew Academy has remained true to its mission to help each student reach his/her full academic, religious and human potential. For more information visit:

Hebrew Foundation School

Located in the West Island, Hebrew Foundation School offers an enriched curriculum in three languages to a broad spectrum of learners, complemented by meaningful Jewish experiences that provide our children with a strong foundation for academic and developmental success. The educational philosophy of Hebrew Foundation School is predicated upon three main pillars: Forward Thinking, Student Centered and Jewish Living. For more information visit:

Jewish People's and Peretz Schools (JPPS) / Bialik High School

Elementary / High School
JPPS-Bialik Mission Statement

JPPS-Bialik is a private Kindergarten through Grade 11 Jewish school, founded and based on a pluralistic vision of Judaism. JPPS-Bialik is committed to providing academic excellence within a 21st century learning environment. Our students are responsible young individuals who are committed to lifelong learning and to becoming productive citizens within the Quebec, Canadian, and global communities.

Our students develop a strong Jewish identity through Judaic Studies and by experiencing Jewish culture and traditions. They develop a firm commitment to the State of Israel and its people.

JPPS-Bialik graduates are committed Jewish young adults who are well-prepared to meet the challenges and responsibilities of their future endeavors, and who have developed an understanding of and respect for others throughout the world. 

The JPPS-Bialik model has four basic “pillars”

  • Academic Excellence
  • Jewish Identity and Affiliation to Israel
  • In Quebec
  • In the 21st Century

For more information visit:

Solomon Schechter Academy

Solomon Schechter Academy is a dynamic Jewish preschool and elementary school with both an English Section and a Section française. Solomon Schechter Academy’s focus is on the needs and growth of its students in order to foster lifelong learning, a passion for excellence and a strong connection to Jewish values.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Tikkun Olam
  • Innovation
  • Excellence

To learn more, visit

Azrieli Schools Talmud Torah / Herzliah

Elementary / High School
Talmud Torah | Herzliah has stood at the forefront of Jewish education in Montreal since 1896. We are a microcosm of the diverse Jewish population in the world today and celebrate this rich cultural mosaic each day. Armed with strong skills in three languages, our graduates are uniquely qualified to confidently take their places in the multilingual, multicultural society in which they live. This cosmopolitan environment is what makes us unique in the marketplace. 

Our rigorous trilingual academic program is enhanced by a strong Jewish studies program that instills Jewish values, Jewish pride and Ahavat Israel into every student. We challenge today’s young minds to become tomorrow’s creative and innovative Jewish leaders. Our graduates attend prestigious centres of higher education, leading the way in their chosen areas of expertise as confident, engaged, contributing members of the Jewish and global communities. To find out more, please visit




Azrieli Schools / Talmud Torah

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Azrieli Schools / Herzliah

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Akiva School

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Hebrew Academy Elementary

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Hebrew Academy High School

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Hebrew Foundation School

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Ecole Maïmonide (Jacob Safra)


Ecole Maïmonide (Parkhaven)



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Bialik High School

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Solomon Schechter


Why Jewish Day School?

Federation CJA is committed to ensure that our children have access to excellent Jewish day school options.

Jewish day schools have long been a source of pride, as well as a defining characteristic of the Montreal Jewish community. Montreal’s Jewish day schools strive to deliver an education that is excellent, sustainable, affordable and accessible to our community and one which meets the twin challenges of providing students with a pathway to Jewish life and the foundation to thrive in Quebec and modern society. Collectively, our schools reflect the unique Montreal Jewish mosaic with its full range of philosophies, beliefs, and practices and welcome students from across the spectrum.

The curricular and pedagogical framework is in conformity with the norms and requirements of the Quebec Ministry of Education, while providing many opportunities for expanded and enriched programming and activities. The successful graduate of a Montreal Jewish Day School is excited about being Jewish, is committed to Israel, has internalized Jewish values, has the language skills to live and work in Quebec, has acquired a sound knowledge base in all academic areas, and has developed critical thinking and sound decision making skills to take his or her place in the world by translating ethical knowledge into ethical behavior.

To learn about upcoming events for preschoolers, open houses and details about each school’s individual admission financial assistance processes, please visit their respective websites.