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About PJ Library

About PJ

Joining PJ Library® means that your children will each get a FREE book (age-appropriate and beautifully illustrated) or music CD in the mail every month, centered on Jewish values, holidays, and traditions.

Founded by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation in the United States, the PJ (short for pyjamas) Library program is designed to help families explore core values of Judaism and pass them on to their children.

Why PJ?

Being part of PJ Library is about more than just receiving books and music: it’s about strengthening Jewish identity, and connecting our community’s Jewish families through special events and programming. In fact, 40% of those who signed up for PJ Library across North America were previously unaffiliated with the organized Jewish community.

Who can join PJ?

Parents raising Jewish children in an affiliated, unaffiliated, interfaith, or non-traditional household are all welcome to join PJ Library®. In Montreal, anyone between six months through eight years old is welcome to participate in the program.

Montreal PJ Library:  1 Cummings Square, Montréal Quebec H3W 1M6
514-735-3541 ext. 3205

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