Federation CJA’s GOTEENISRAEL Access Grant is offering grants up to $1,800 USD to help families participate in a 2024 GOTEENISRAEL summer program through one of the 10 listed Israel summer trip provider partners. The STEPS below to apply:

Must apply to Federation CJA’s GOTEENISRAEL or DALFEN FELLOWS voucher.

How do I apply for Federation CJA’s GOTEENISRAEL Access Grant?
  • STEP 1: Consult our anonymous calculator to find out if you qualify.
  • STEP 2: You will need to create an account and a profile before you can submit an application – the form is easy and brief to fill out, and all your financial information will be kept strictly confidentialClick here to consult our Privacy Policy. If you have applied to a Generations Fund program, you may use the same account to apply for a Federation CJA’s GOTEENISRAEL Access Grant.
  • STEP 3: Log in to your account and complete a brief and discreet application form for the Federation CJA’s GOTEENISRAEL Access Grant (one form per family, even if you have multiple teens registering for GOTEENISRAEL Access Grant).  
  • STEP 4: Receive a final decision. Please note you may only submit one application per program per account.
  • STEP 5: Your grant will be confirmed by email after you have submitted verifying income statements and once your child’s registration as a Federation CJA’s GOTEENISRAEL or DALFEN FELLOW voucher has been confirmed.
  • STEP 6: If accepted, your trip provider will be notified, and this amount will be deducted from your invoice.
Special considerations: 

Please refer to Federation’s CJA GOTEENISRAEL website to learn more about registration deadlines and eligibility. 

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, but please note that funding is limited. 

You will receive your answer by email pending confirmation of your child’s voucher acceptance as a Federation CJA’s GOTEENISRAEL or DALFEN FELLOWS.

For any inquiries about the Federation CJA’s GOTEENISRAEL Access Grant, please contact [email protected]