CAPS Tuition Freezes and Subsidies

Federation CJA’s Generations Fund CAPS Program is designed to provide access to our Jewish Day Schools. By freezing annual tuition from Kindergarten through grade 6 and Secondary I through V, the program gives more Jewish children the opportunity to take advantage of a high standard of educational excellence, as well as a strong Judaic-based curriculum while providing parents with long term reassurance that Jewish day school affordability is here to stay.

The CAPS Program has issued over 2,500 CAPS grants to date. Of these grants, 430 children entering Kindergarten or Secondary I have also received an additional $1,800 incentive grant.

CAPS tuition freezes are determined based on household income and number of children enrolled in participating Jewish day schools. Determining your eligibility is easy, completely confidential and produces instant preliminary results. Fill out the anonymous calculator!

CAPS Application Criteria and Specifics


If your child is attending a participating Jewish school, then your family may be eligible for a Tuition CAP / Freeze. You must fill out the eligibility calculator to find out if you qualify.

  • The Eligibility Calculator is completely anonymous and will indicate immediately whether you may be eligible for the CAPS program and the preliminary amount of your Tuition CAP / Freeze.
  • If you have more than one child who is in Jewish school, you can apply for each child.
  • If the Eligibility Calculator says you may be eligible for the CAPS program, you will be prompted to complete the online Application Form.

The Application Form

After submitting the Application Form, you will be notified immediately if you have been approved for the CAPS program with the estimated amount of your Tuition CAP / Freeze. *This decision is based on the information you provided in your Application Form. Your eligibility will be confirmed in the spring upon receipt and review of the necessary financial documents and confirmation of your child's enrollment at a qualifying Jewish day school. 

You will be asked to provide your financial documents via secure upload. You may also be asked to provide other supporting documents that attest to your financial situation. We highly recommend that eligible families file their income taxes early.

  • In order to confirm your eligibility, a 2017 Notice of Assessment from Revenu Quebec must be submitted by June 29th, for each parent.
  • Your subsidy will be confirmed by email after you have submitted verifying income statements and once your child’s registration has been confirmed by the participating Jewish day school of your choice. 
  • You will receive an email outlining the Tuition CAP / Freeze and additional reductions if applicable. Your child’s school will then invoice you accordingly.
  • For eligible Kindergarten and Secondary I students, an additional $1,800 reduction will be calculated.

You must re-apply each year to maintain your eligibility

  • Each year, parents will be required to re-apply and to submit the required documents in order to maintain their eligibility into the CAPS program.

How do I apply for the Generations Fund CAPS Program?

STEP 1: Fill out the CAPS anonymous calculator to find out if you qualify.

STEP 2: Log-in to your account. 
If you received a Tuition CAP/Freeze last year, you will be able to log in using last year's username and password but you must update your profile information. If you are new to the program, you will need to create an account and a profile before you can submit an application.

STEP 3: Complete an application form and receive instant preliminary results.  Please note you may only submit one application per program per account. 

STEP 4: Submit your Notice of Assessment from Revenu Quebec before June 29th.

STEP 5: Receive confirmation of acceptance into the CAPS program.