March of the Living Pre-Approved Interest free loans for up to $5.50/DAY

In partnership with March of the Living and Hebrew Free Loans Association, Generations Fund is offering eligible families a pre-approved 36-month interest free loan from Hebrew Free Loan Association to help finance the cost of the trip. With a low payment plan of up to $5.50/day for 3 years for a loan up to $6,000 CAD, every Montreal family can afford to experience March of the Living! Certain conditions apply.

How do I apply for a March of the Living Interest free loan?

STEP 1: Before you apply for a loan, please apply for the $1,000 grant.  

If you are a CAPS or CAMPS eligible family you are pre-approved for an interest free loan from HFLA of up to $6,000 CAD, pending acceptance on the March of the Living trip. Certain conditions apply.

Families that qualify for a scholarship according to the guidelines established by March of the Living are also eligible for pre-approved interest free loan from HFLA. Certain conditions apply.

STEP 2: You will need to fill out, print and submit a simple loan application.

STEP 3: You will need to submit the following documents to Federation CJA’s Generations Fund along with the application form:

All documents must be submitted to [email protected]. Please note you may only submit one loan application per family.

STEP 4: Your loan will be confirmed by email after you have submitted verifying income statements and once your child’s registration as a March of the Living participant has been confirmed.

Special considerations: 

Please refer to the March of the Living website to find out more about registration deadlines and eligibility. 

Applications will be accepted through the fall, on a first-come, first-served basis, but please note that funding is limited. 

You will receive your answer by email pending confirmation of your child’s acceptance as a March of the Living participant.  

For any inquiries about the MOL Grant, please contact [email protected].